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We are able to produce a check digit system tailored exactly to your data. We believe we are one of the best companies in the business that can offer a check digit system which produces the best spread of data.

Unlike other companies we evaluate the positions of each code or location and ensure that no check digits will repeat in the local vicinity, row or even aisle. We are often provided check digits produced by a third party, and after checking the logic they have used we feel compelled to inform our customer that the check digit system is flawed. If the customer then chooses to use Robstock for their check digit provider we show them the dramatic improvements made to eliminate any potential problems

Our accuracy and efficiency ensures that mistakes cannot be made when using a check digit system produced by Robstock.

We have produced check digit systems for all types of applications, including automated systems. Our check digits can be a multitude of combinations to improve the efficiency and randomness of the code.

Single alpha digits such as A, B, K. Numeric digits such as 0,1, 5. A combination of the two such as A, 6, X. Alongside this a double alpha digit check system such as AB, DL, NG. A double numeric digit system such as 00, 45, 17 or a combination of alpha and numeric such as A1, MN, 9J. These are just some of the combinations of check digits we are specialised in offering.