We manufacture a wide variety of signage for both internal and external application.

Our standard signs are typically manufactured on 1.5mm HIPS styrene or a lightweight 3mm foamex board.

We also offer a variety of alternatives depending on your specific requirements where heat bends, cut outs or specific shapes or patterns are required. We can also apply adhesive, magnetic or drill holes as required.

We specialise in manufacturing triangular signs for off ground identification – which allows readability from the floor. These are often combined with our reflective barcode labels enabling scanning distances in excess of 40ft.

Our signs can be supplied with printed data/information or with stickers applied dependant on the required use. As with all of our products we are able to offer variable data printing as standard on all of our signage.

Some typical materials and their uses we offer are:

  • 1.5mm Styrene or 3mm Foamex for internal warehouse aisle identification, safety signs, notices, internal door/room identification, fire hazards, or fire exit points
  • 5mm or 10mm Foamex for large internal signage to identify areas, to create welcome signs, or to showcase company branding
  • Dibond for external signage such as car park signs and outdoor notices or safety warnings

To discuss your signage requirements or for any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1159 303 308 or send us a message or enquiry