Coronavirus: Covid-19 – Critical Manufacturer

Robstock continues to proudly manufacture and supply our products to numerous essential service providers and industries including NHS Supply Chains, the Food and Drink Industry and Pharmaceutical Distributors.

In addition we continue to install our labels and signs in new and refurbished warehouse facilites to cope with the increased demand and pressure the distribution networks have faced in the last 9 months.

Our manufacturing facility allows for each staff member to have in excess of 1000sq ft per employee to safely work at far greater distances than a minimum of 2m. Our staff are very proud, supportive and commited to continuing to be able to provide our products at this unprecedented time.

We understand and appreciate that projects, plans and orders will have been delayed or postponed and we will continue to hold prices and quotations from 2020 throughout Q1 of 2021.

We implore everyone to continue to be stringent; to isolate wherever possible and to keep clean, safe and be responsible. Together we will beat this.

The Robstock team

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