Coronavirus: Covid-19 – Suspension of all installation services

As a business we have implemented numerous safeguards to minimise any risks to our employees; including reduced hours and rotational work patterns.

With the nature of our business providing key products to the warehouse and distribution industry, we continue to receive urgent enquiries for safety signage, racking labels, ID labels and hazard labels.

We will continue to manufacture these important products to help keep the industry moving during this unprecedented event.

Suspension of all installation services

We have, in conjunction with our customers, decided that installation services will however be postponed at this time. This is to protect our own staff, reduce travel and risk of transmission, and to keep any possible distruption to warehouse operations to a minimum.

We implore everyone to be stringent; to isolate wherever possible and to keep clean, safe and be responsible. Together we can beat this.

The Robstock team

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